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Fear and Loafing in Mexico

I made the mistake of reading the U.S. State Department's travel warning for Mexico. Its description of random kidnappings, bandits and brutal murders nearly derailed my visit to San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico. Friends assured me I would be safe so I went ahead with travel plans. What I found in San Miguel de Allende was surprising. Let's face it - mexico gets a bad rap. Reports of violent drug-related crime has tainted our view of the entire country. In reality my most brutal encounter in San Miguel was a bad coin toss that cost me the luxurious master suite in our rental home.

If you haven't heard, San Miguel is pretty magical. No sidewalk sales pitches for tourist trinkets or condo timeshares interfered with daily walks around the quaint cobblestones streets. Food was fresh and reasonable. The locals, both mexican and foreign, were friendly and helpful. Even the bus to Guanajuato was refreshingly fun, complete with large reclining seats, wifi and a bagged lunch. Greyhound take note: this is how bus travel should be.

Grandes original mixed media by deanna fainelli