Mixed media art with a distinctive urban style.

I create mixed media art that reflects a deep passion for connecting with the weird and wonderful world in which we live. I am not very gregarious by nature (although there are a few college classmates who might disagree) so art is a way to bond with the world and see it in a fresh way. By combining original manipulated photos with paint and paper (and whatever other materials I find) I am able to tie in visual elements that inspire me like layers of peeling paint, rust, and graffiti, adding details that help tell a story.

Original work has been featured on One King's Lane, Fab, Design Public, and on juried online galleries as well as in many brick and mortar galleries. Please take a moment to browse the portfolios and shop original art. 

Obey 16 x 20 in.


People truly make the city and with these original images I use acrylic paint and paper to layer visual elements that tell a story.

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