Mixed media art with a distinctive urban style.

There is something about cities that gets the blood pumping–it's the possibility of discovery, a street scene that sparks emotion or a place that triggers the imagination. I use mixed media art to reflect the urban experience and combine materials that allow me to do it with a healthy dose of fun. 

Original work has been featured on One King's Lane, Fab, Design Public, and on juried online galleries as well as in many brick-and-mortar galleries. Please take a moment to browse the portfolios and shop original art. 

Orange Van 20 x 24 in.

Latest Work

Cityscapes are depicted using a signature technique that layers hand printed original photos with acrylic paint.

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Grant St. 11 x 14 in.

Urban Textures

Abstract paintings influenced by textures, architecture and landscapes from places like Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Barcelona

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