Art with a Sense of Adventure

The city is my muse. I love peeling away layers to reveal its raw beauty and discover fleeting moments that make up the urban experience.

Through mixed media painting I am able to elevate those moments and connect us with things that make city life so intriguing. Texture, composition, color, and images are used to make emotional connections that remind us to be more aware of our surroundings, to look up and enjoying everyday experiences.

Since I use a passion for exploring city streets and abandoned buildings for inspiration, I often emulate elements of decay like rust and peeling paint. Balanced by pops of sublime color, these contrasting details work together to find common ground, tell our unique stories, and add qualities that feel unfiltered and authentic.


Painting is my first love. I took the long scenic route to get back to my passion and over the years I worked in graphic design and photojournalism, both of which have significantly influenced my art. Inspired by abstract artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Helen Frankenthaler, and Richard Diebenkorn, I am a mostly self-taught mixed media painter who uses materials like acrylic paint and paper, color, and texture to spark the imagination, challenge conventional ideas of beauty and connect people through art.

Currently based in the Palm Springs area, you'll find me cruising the streets on a sporty blue bike. I have been a featured artist in CB2 stores and I have shown in various venues throughout California, including SFMOMA Artist Gallery at Fort Mason, Stanford University, and the Palm Springs Art Museum.