Art with a Sense of Adventure

Don’t you love the excitement of seeing a place for the first time? Your heart beats faster as you see the faded glory of Old Havana from inside a taxi and you can’t wait to hit the streets to explore.  You can remember the first time you wandered around the Mission in San Francisco, lost in the maze of mural-covered alleys.

It’s that sense of curiosity and a need for adventure that drive me creatively. And, since the city is my muse, I am constantly on the search for urban visual elements that inspire my work. Often incorporating original images with mixed materials, composition and color, I want to elevate fleeting moments and everyday experiences to emphasize what makes city life so unique.

To create my mixed media work, I combine materials like original hand printed images of people and cityscapes with multiple layers of acrylic paint and often paper (or other found materials). The process of layering materials and then removal emulates the effects that inspire me – peeling paint, rust, graffiti, and decay – adding details that help tell our urban stories.


Painting is my first love. Painfully shy in high school, art became a way for me to communicate and express myself without fear. I couldn’t get enough and when the art building was closed I would sneak in through a window to paint. Eventually I was given a key and the title of Art Room Manager–an artist was born.

I have a killer studio in Marin County, where I have easy access to San Francisco (my urban muse) and miles of bike trails (my other love). I am most known for my representational mixed media work that combines painting and original images which I hand print using an image transfer process, giving the work a modern edgy look.

A featured artist in CB2 stores, I primarily show my work through online galleries and occasionally in brick and mortar galleries in San Francisco, including SFMOMA Artist Gallery at Fort Mason