Art with a Sense of Adventure

Torn between grit and glitter, my urban-inspired paintings combine delicious colors with elements of decay to create complex layers that spark the imagination.

Of course I am drawn to shiny objects, but there is also beauty and intrigue in imperfection. Fueled by a passion for wandering city streets and exploring abandoned buildings, I emulate distinctive traits, like rust and decay, to help tell our unique stories.

To develop raw character in paintings I embrace flaws, even emphasize them, with techniques that make sporadic imperfections an integral part of the final piece. Balanced by pops of sublime color, it all works best when I create intuitively, so the process of layering acrylic paint and distressed paper and other found materials add details that feel unfiltered and authentic.


Growing up in rural Connecticut, art became a way for me to connect to the urban world that I admired and fantasized about as a kid. In cities I always felt like an outsider, a countrified imposter pretending to be street smart and sophisticated. Now I am grateful to harness that stranger-in-a-foreign-land feeling into a unique artistic perspective.

Painting is my first love and over the years I also studied graphic design and photojournalism, both of which have significantly influenced my art. Inspired by abstract artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Helen Frankenthaler, I use mixed media to create abstract paintings that combine materials like acrylic paint and paper, color, and texture to spark the imagination and challenge conventional ideas of beauty.

Currently based in the Palm Springs area, you'll find me cruising the streets on a sporty blue bike. I have been a featured artist in CB2 stores and I show in various venues throughout California, including SFMOMA Artist Gallery at Fort Mason and D Gallery on El Paseo in Palm Desert..