The big reveal. Once the background is painted I mount the image, let in dry, then begin the delicate process of removing the paper to reveal the image. I've done this a thousand times and I still get excited to see the finished piece.

Art with a Sense of Adventure

Cities are alive and vibrant and a constant source of inspiration. Personally, I prefer the gritty side of town, where you'll find me exploring an abandoned building or discovering the rusted out remains of a former factory. Stripped of their facades these places are real – grimy, with a hint of danger, often boldly colorful – and loaded with layers of raw character.

To harness that character I embrace flaws, even emphasize them, with techniques that make sporadic imperfections an integral part of the final piece. it all works best when I create intuitively, so the process of layering materials like acrylic paint and paper emulates things that reveal character – strong color, peeling paint, and texture – adding details that help tell our unique stories.


Painting is my first love. Painfully shy in high school, art became a way for me to communicate and express myself without fear. I couldn’t get enough and when the art building was closed I would sneak in through a window to paint. Eventually I was given a key and the title of art room manager – an artist was born.

Over the years I also studied graphic design and photojournalism, both of which have significantly influenced my art. I am most known for my representational mixed media work that combines painting and original images which I hand print using an image transfer process, giving the work a modern edgy look. More recently I have been focused on abstract painting, drawing inspiration from one of the great abstractionists, Helen Frankenthaler.

Currently based in the Palm Springs area, where you'll find me cruising the streets on sporty blue bike. I have been a featured artist in CB2 stores and I primarily show my work through online galleries, as wells as in various venues in California, including SFMOMA Artist Gallery at Fort Mason.