Summer Slacker

It's been an amazing summer in the San Francisco Bay area. Sunny, clear, warm and, honestly, not very conducive to long hours holed up indoors. So this past weekend, despite feeling guilty for skipping the studio, I decided to enjoy the ideal weather while it lasted. Saturday I went to Nostalgia Days in Novato. It's mostly a venue for classic car enthusiasts to show off their goods, drink some beer, hang out and talk shop. I showed up early when the light was good, camera in hand, ready to take photos just for fun.

And it was fun...really fun. I saw some amazing vintage cars and met some great guys, who proudly explained restoration details, engine horsepowers and paint jobs. I took photos until my battery died and managed to get some nice images. I won't use them in my artwork, but a day shooting without an agenda was just what i needed to feel creatively rejuvenated!