Custom Original Art

Commissioning a piece of art can be scary for the artist as well as the collector. To make the process less intimidating, I work with each person to get an idea of what they like (and don't like) and together we come up with a unique piece of art. It's this collaboration that makes doing commissions so satisfying.

Interested? Let's get started! Please send me some info using the form below


Commission a new version of a sold piece

If you love an image and it's sold I can make a version just for you. It won't be exactly like the original but it will be uniquely yours. Click here to view Sold Work

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Have an idea? Let's work together

You know what you want and you like my style. Share your idea with me and we'll collaborate on the perfect piece of custom original art.



Modern urban style is your thing and you aren't sure what you want. We can work it out and come up with a subject and size that is perfect for you.