Art with a Sense of Adventure

A vagabond at heart, I love to explore new places and see things with fresh eyes. Curiosity and a desire for new experiences drive me creatively. Since I can’t be on the the road 24/7 (darn it) I try to bring a fresh perspective to the world I see every day.

Often inspired by the chaotic mix of urban scenes, I am also inspired by the peaceful starkness of a desert valley and turned on by the remnants of an abandoned building (oh...the stories I imagine). No matter what the subject is my creative style delivers a distinctive urban vibe (I can’t really explain just is).

It turns out it’s not so much about subject matter; it’s more about creating a mood, so it all works best when I create intuitively. The process of layering materials like acrylic paint and paper with hand printed original images emulates things that inspire me – gorgeous color, peeling paint, rust, graffiti, and decay – adding details that help tell our unique stories.


Painting is my first love. Painfully shy in high school, art became a way for me to communicate and express myself without fear. I couldn’t get enough and when the art building was closed I would sneak in through a window to paint. Eventually I was given a key and the title of Art Room Manager–an artist was born.

I have a killer studio in Marin County, where I have easy access to San Francisco (my urban muse) and miles of bike trails (my other love). I am most known for my representational mixed media work that combines painting and original images which I hand print using an image transfer process, giving the work a modern edgy look.

A featured artist in CB2 stores, I primarily show my work through online galleries and occasionally in brick and mortar galleries in San Francisco, including SFMOMA Artist Gallery at Fort Mason